Juniors Fix and Res


October 19 

 Solent (U13) B v Shorwell 


   Solent (U12) v Shorwell b   

drew 7-7

      Solent (U14) v Shorwell       


November 9

9.30: Solent (U13) A v Shorwell


10.30: Solent (U14) V Gurnard

 12.00: Solent (U12) V Gurnard

 November 13 

6pm at Carisbrooke

Solent (U13) A v Mad Cowes


November 16

 10.00: Solent (U13) B v Mad Cowes

11.00: Solent (U12) v Shorwell A

November 23

9.30: Solent (U13) B v Gurnard

10.30: Solent (U14) v Shorwell

12.00: Solent (U12) v Gurnard

November 30

10.00: Solent (U13) A v Gurnard

11.00: Solent (U14) v Gurnard

     12.00: Solent (U12) v Shorwell b

TBA Solent (U13) A v Solent (U13) B (evening game @ Ryde )


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